Client Facing One Year in Jail, Gets No Jail Time
November 4, 2013

Our client had been convicted of a prior alcohol driving offense and was charged with two additional Driving under the Influence matters which made for three DUI offenses in less then 7 years. In addition, he had another alcohol related driving offense two years before and an additional DUI conviction from 10 years prior. The minimum jail time under the California Vehicle Code for a third DUI within a 7-year period is 120 days. The usual sentence for a client in this predicament would have been about 365 days of confinement. However, we maneuvered this case until we got it in front of the right Judge; in the end, the client was sentenced to 6 months in a residential alcohol treatment center which permitted him to continue working and 6 months of outpatient care. HE WAS NOT SENTENCED TO ONE DAY IN JAIL.

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