Harsh New DUI Law For Third Offenses Likely To Take Effect In January 2012
February 8, 2011

A new bill in the California State Assembly has been signed into law and it can have a significant impact on third DUI offenders come January 1, 2012. Assembly Bill 1601 will give Judges the option of revoking the license of third-time DUI offenders for up to TEN years when sentencing those defendants. Under current law the penalty for a third DUI offense includes a three year license revocation under the authority of the California DMV. This new law will put the power to revoke such offender sin the hands of the sentencing Judge.

Sponsored by Assemblyman Jerry Hill form San Mateo, the bill was enacted in response to a number high-profile DUI cases involving repeat offenders and has been touted as an important step towards making California’s roads safer. Although the bill has not been approved by the State Senate it is widely expected to be approved and take effect on January 1, 2012. The original form of the bill was even tougher on third DUI offenders and gave Judges the power to revoke a license for life in these cases and also to consider the offender’s entire driving record rather than just the previous ten years as is in the current form of the bill. Regardless, the bill makes the potential penalties for third DUI offenders significantly more severe than they are today.

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