Life In Prison For (DUI) Resulting in a Second Degree Murder
October 18, 2011

An Orange County Man was sentenced last week to almost 20 years to life in prison for killing a woman while driving impaired Valentine’s Day 2010.  A jury convicted twenty-four-year-old, Gustavo Adrian Vega of second-degree murder. He was also found guilty of one count of felony hit-and-run resulting in death and one count of possession of cocaine.

Back in 2006, Vega was convicted of DUI and at that time was warned in court that if a future drunken driving crash resulted in someone being killed, he could be charged with murder.  Vega was driving on Flower Street in his vehicle which ran a red light and hit another vehicle. The victim, who was a passenger, died at scene.  A DUI can be raised to a second degree murder charge if there has been a prior conviction for DUI. A second degree murder charge carries with it a 15 years to life prison commitment.

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