I am a Minor and was Caught in Possession of Alcohol. What Will Happen?
March 16, 2011

If you are a minor under 21 years of age, and you are caught with an alcoholic beverage, you will likely face criminal possession charges. This offense does not require that you be under the influence of the alcohol or that you even consumed any at all – simply having it on your person is sufficient.

In most situations, this offense is charged as an infraction, which essentially places it at par with a traffic ticket violation. However, in some extreme cases, it can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor. If charged as a misdemeanor, a conviction can result in jail time and a criminal record.

In addition to jail sentences, fines, and community service requirements, a conviction for being a minor in possession of alcohol can result in the loss your driving privileges for 12 months. Vehicle Code Section 13202 requires the court, upon conviction, to suspend a minor’s driver’s license for one year. If the minor does not yet have a license, the minor’s ability to obtain a license will be suspended for one year.

Being a minor caught in possession of alcohol (or even drugs) can lead to severe consequences that can place a heavy burn on your young life – your ability to drive may be hinder and your career opportunities may be negatively affected by a criminal record.

Therefore, you need the legal assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you defend against allegations of alcohol possession. At Wallin & Klarich, our attorneys have been in practice for over 30 years and can help you in achieving the best possible results in your matter. Call us today at (877) 4-NO-JAIL or (877) 466-5245. We will be there when you call.

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