September 8, 2022 By Matthew Wallin

If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in California, you may be facing serious consequences, including fines and jail time. However, DUIs can also impact your ability to work, especially if you have a job in ride-sharing. Continue reading to find out whether you can drive for Uber or Lyft in California if you have a DUI on your record. 

Driver Requirements for Uber and Lyft 

In order to work as a driver for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, drivers must pass a background check. This background check generally consists of three parts: 

  • Criminal background check: All Uber and Lyft applicants must consent to a criminal background check. You may not be allowed to drive for Uber or Lyft if you were convicted of any of the following crimes within the past seven years: 
    • Felony offenses 
    • Violent crimes 
    • Sexual offenses 
  • Driving record check: Applicants must have a clean driving record in order to work for Uber or Lyft. Uber and Lyft may deny drivers with a certain number of moving violations or driving-related violations. 
  • Motor vehicle report: The motor vehicle report confirms that the applicant meets the basic requirements for being an Uber or Lyft driver. The driver must have a valid U.S. driver’s license and at least one year of driving experience. 

Can I Drive for Uber and Lyft with a DUI? 

Generally, both Uber and Lyft do not allow people to become ride-share drivers if they have a DUI conviction from within the past 10 years. This is because the state of California maintains DUI records for 10 years. After the decade-long period has passed, DUI charges will no longer be counted against you. 

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to drive for a ride-sharing company after 10 years. Even if your conviction was over a decade ago, both Uber and Lyft have policies against hiring convicted felons. If your DUI was charged as a felony, you may be prevented from ever working for a ride-share company regardless of how long ago the offense occurred. 

Resolving DUI Charges 

If you were arrested for a DUI but never convicted, you may still have a chance at driving for Uber or Lyft. For example, if you were acquitted (meaning you were found not guilty), you should be able to drive for a ride-sharing company because the DUI will not count against you. On the other hand, if your case was dismissed or the charges were dropped, Uber or Lyft may still hold the DUI against you since no verdict was ever reached and it is still on your driving record. In these cases, you may be able to explain the circumstances of your arrest in your application. 

Expunging your DUI may also help. Expungement means that the court will retroactively seal or destroy the records of your criminal conviction. Usually, this process allows you to apply for jobs without the DUI showing up on your record. However, the DUI will remain on your DMV driving record, so ride-sharing companies will still see the DUI and may take it into consideration when deciding whether to hire you. 

In any case, your best course of action when dealing with a DUI is to contact an experienced DUI lawyer. A skilled attorney may be able to get you acquitted of your charges so that you can clear your name and move forward with your employment. 

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