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Have you been pulled over for DUI? Follow these tips…

We help many people who are accused of DUI of alcohol. Many of those people wonder, “What am I supposed to do when I’m pulled over and the police officer starts asking me questions about whether I’ve been drinking?” Here’s the answer.

Prepare Your Documents

You should always make sure that you keep you driver license, proof of car insurance, and proof of registration in an extremely accessible location within your vehicle. Make sure you know where they are at all times. When you are pulled over, those are the first 3 documents that a police officer will ask for. If you spend some time rummaging through your glove box and your wallet or purse trying to find these three documents, the officer will write that in his report. Cops frequently write that DUI suspects “fumble” with the paperwork when trying to locate and hand over these three documents. Cops refer to it as “fumbling” because the word suggests lack of coordination, which is evidence that you are intoxicated.

Also, when you are pulled over, do not wait for the officer to approach you and ask for the documents. Get these documents out before the cop has time to approach your door. You do not want him watching you retrieve these documents. You already know he is going to ask you for them, so you would be smart to have them in an accessible location and have them in your hand and ready to give to the cop when he asks for them.

Know the Symptoms Police are Looking For

From that point on, the officer will be looking for evidence that you are intoxicated. Such evidence will include whether your eyes are red and watery or droopy, whether your words are slurred when you speak, and whether your breath, your person, or the inside of your vehicle smells like an alcoholic beverage.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

The only thing you are required to do is provide the officer with those initial 3 documents. If he asks you questions, you have the right to keep your mouth shut, literally, and not answer any of his questions, except for your name and where you live.

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