January 29, 2015 By Matthew Wallin
DUI (2)
A DUI plea bargain may be a better alternative in your case.

Just because you have been arrested for DUI in California does not mean that you will be sentenced for a DUI in California. If you hire an experienced Southern California DUI attorney, he or she may be able to plea bargain down to one of two favorable misdemeanors that will have no bearing on any future DUI cases you might incur.

Wet Reckless

Most people are aware of a wet reckless. Essentially, it is a plea that doesn’t count as a DUI, however, should you be charged with a DUI sometime in the future, your wet reckless will count as a first DUI, making the future arrest your second DUI.

Dry Reckless

But there are better plea alternatives than just a wet reckless. The first is known as a dry reckless, found in the California Vehicle Code Sect Code Section 23109(c). A dry reckless is not a “priorable” offense, making it a great alternative to a DUI. It has no statutory provisions, meaning if you are arrested for DUI again, the second arrest will only count as your first DUI.There is also no requirement to complete an alcohol education program. A “dry reckless” carries lesser fines, a shorter probationary period, lesser jail exposure, and no license suspension.

Both a “dry reckless” and a “wet reckless” have a statutory minimum jail sentences (VC 23013(c)).

Exhibition of Speed

Depending on the jurisdiction and the DA, some prosecutors do not offer a “dry reckless” as an alternative to a DUI, but instead offer an “exhibition of speed,” codified in the California Vehicle Code Section 23109(c). An “exhibition of speed” charge does not have a statutory minimal imprisonment, making it an even more favorable plea.

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