OC Man Driving Wrong Way on Freeway Arrested on Multiple Charges
April 30, 2012

Any Orange County DUI attorney will tell you that a police officer needs a legal cause to pull you over in order for any evidence collected during the course of a DUI investigation to be admissible during a trial. One of our associates managed to have all of the evidence in one of our clients cases dismissed because the evidence from the dashboard camera of the arresting officer’s vehicle did not corroborate what the officer wrote down in his report as to why he initially pulled over our client.

Unfortunately for a 31-year-old Santa Ana man, his DUI lawyer won’t be able to argue the same thing as he was arrested after driving the wrong way on two different freeways during a chase that ultimately led to a foot chase.

Fernando Carbajal Villagrana was spotted by an off duty California Highway Patrol officer on his way into work traveling the wrong way on the 73 freeway. Villagrana then exited onto Harbor before ditching his car and making a run for it. He was eventually caught and it was discovered that the car he was traveling in was also stolen.

Following his arrest, an investigation also revealed that several motorists had reported Villagrana to 911 operators traveling the wrong way on the 405 freeway.

In addition to being in possession of a stolen vehicle and evading arrest, Villagrana was arrested on suspicion of DUI. While the punishments for DUI in California are amongst the most severe in the country, in this instance, the DUI charge is the least of Villagrana’s worries.

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