Lindsay Lohan’s Bench Warrant– California Penal Code 1269b
June 16, 2010

As recently reported by KTLA, Lindsay Lohan violated her bail provisions when her SCRAM bracelet detected the presence of alcohol in her system. After appearing at the MTV Movie Awards, she attended at least one after party, where it is suspected that her bracelet went off. Judge Marsha Revel, after meeting with Lohan’s attorney and the District Attorney, issued a bench warrant for Lohan’s arrest.

The judge ordered Lohan to wear the SCRAM bracelet following a May 24th hearing with the added condition of not consuming alcohol. For violating the conditions sets forth, Lohan forfeited her existing bail and the judge issued a bench warrant for Lohan’s arrest and set a new bail at $200,000, which is twice the previous amount. Within hours of the bench warrant, Lohan paid the bail and was discharged from police custody. If the judge determines that a violation had occurred, the judge could revoke Lohan’s bail and send her to jail.

Under California Penal Code § 1269b, the judge has discretionary authority to fix the bail amount for the defendant who has appeared before the court. Once the defendant has paid the bail, he/she shall be discharged from custody. If, however, the defendant fails to appear before the court or violates the bail provisions, the court may declare that the defendant has forfeited his/her bail. They may also issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest and set a new bail at a higher amount.

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