Laguna Beach DMV Hearings and DUI Defense Attorneys
December 27, 2012

If you are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Laguna Beach your driver’s license will be taken away by the arresting officer. You then have only 10 days to schedule a hearing with the DMV for the DUI charge. If you fail to schedule a hearing with the DMV you will lose your license and driving privileges for at least 30 days and will forfeit you right to the DMV hearing.

Similar to a court hearing, you may be represented by a DUI lawyer in Laguna Beach at a DMV hearing. DMV hearings are technical; therefore, it is difficult to succeed at a DMV hearing without competent legal representation.

On top of the threat of your license being suspended if you are unsuccessful in your DMV hearing, you will also be subject to other consequences. Consequences for a DUI include substantial fines, required participation in driving under the influence programs, and even imprisonment in county jail. Your license may also be suspended by the court as a separate matter from the DMV suspension.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Laguna Beach it is important that you contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Laguna Beach. The attorneys at Wallin & Klarich have decades of experience in successfully representing clients in DUI cases in Laguna Beach and have the knowledge and skill set to assist you in reducing the punishment associated with DUI charges. Contact Wallin & Klarich today at (877) 4-NO-JAIL or (877) 466-5245 for more information. You can also fill out one of our contact forms and one of our attorneys respond. We will fight for you.

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