How long will a DUI conviction stay on my record?
September 8, 2011

A DUI convictionwill remain on your record for 10 years for the purposes of using that record as a prior offense-record of reporting. That means in essence that if you were to pick up another DUI offense within the 10 years of your first offense, the most recent offense will be treated as a second DUI offense meaning the sentence and punishment will be more severe for a second DUI offense and also if a third DUI offense is picked up within the 10 years of the first DUI offense. So the period runs 10 years for purposes of reporting it on a driving record.

Once the 10 years has passed since your last DUI and no other DUI offense occurs within that 10 years, then the clock basically starts over for another period of 10 years, meaning another DUI offense that occurs after 10 years of your last DUI offense-with no other DUI offense within that 10 years, then the most recent offense will be treated as a first DUI offense for records purposes. This law was effective in 2007 and this is also relevant for insurance purposes as your insurance carrier will likely run a check of your driving record once your policy is to be renewed of if you apply for insurance with a different insurance company. Obviously, the potential exists for your car insurance premium to increase upon renewal, based on a DUI offense on your driving record.

A DUI offense can be expunged once probation is completed and all fines and terms and conditions of probation have been fully satisfied and completed.

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