How To Expunge the Record of a DUI Conviction
December 4, 2009

Were you convicted of a DUI and want to get it off your record? If so, you can seek to have a conviction removed from your criminal record through a process called an “expungement”. An expungement is a legal process that petitions the court to review the DUI, set aside the conviction and dismiss the case. Before submitting the expungement you must take into account that the following has been satisfied by the court:

  • You have completed the term of probation on your conviction.
  • All restitution and fines have been paid.
  • All court programs have been completed.
  • No new convictions are pending.

Most seek an expungement for future employment purposes. An expungement also brings closure to a mistake committed in the past. If you are looking to expunge a prior conviction, make sure to hire an experienced California DUI defense attorney with experience in expungments. We at Wallin & Klarich have a great staff with extensive knowledge in expungments. If you have any questions, give us a call at (877) 466-5245 any time to discuss how a Wallin and Klarich attorney can help you.

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