PCH Traffic Accident Results in Two People Hospitalized, One Arrested for DUI
April 16, 2012

A traffic accident in Huntington Beach that could have ended up with much worse consequences than it did resulted in two people being rushed to the hospital and one person being charged with suspicion of DUI. The phones of Orange County DUI attorneys tend to ring a bit more on Monday’s following a weekend of partying, and this Monday will be no exception.
The identities of the individuals involved in the crash have not been revealed, but details of the accident have been. Police and fire crews responded to a call about a three car collision on Pacific Coast Highway Friday evening around 6:40 p.m.

According to the police report, one driver was traveling southbound at a high rate of speed. That driver hit the center median, losing control and crashing into two other cars. One of the cars flipped over, and the two passengers in that car were rushed to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

No details have been released regarding the driver arrested on suspicion of DUI, however, that individual is facing very serious charges. Punishment for a DUI involving great bodily injury to another person often carries a sentencing enhancement. While a DUI is typically filed as a misdemeanor, if the DUI involves and accident that causes great bodily injury, prosecutors have the option to file the DUI as a felony.

A felony conviction carries with it a maximum sentence of 3 years in state prison. A misdemeanor conviction would carry with it a maximum sentence of 1 year in county jail. The individual’s drivers’ license would also be suspended for a period of 1 year.

California is amongst the most aggressive states when it comes to pursuing and punishing individuals arrested on suspicion of DUI. When that alleged DUI involves a traffic accident, prosecutors are even more aggressive. The consequences are too high to take your chances on your own. Speaking to an aggressive criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUIs is an absolute must if you are ever charged with this offense.

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