Amish Teens Crash Buggy into Police Car, Not Charged with DUI
March 13, 2012

As we showed last week, operating any motorized vehicle while intoxicated can result in a DUI. But as Orange County DUI attorneys, we can honestly say we’ve never seen anything quite like the story coming out of New York State.

Four Amish teens were arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol after crashing their buggy into a police squad car. The driver of the buggy was not charged with a DUI due to the fact that a horse bound buggy is not a motorized vehicle.

According to police reports, the buggy was changing lanes and apparently didn’t see the police car driving along side of it and crashed. The buggy flipped over and thankfully, only one passenger suffered minor injuries.

The police report also indicated that one horse fled the scene. No word on whether or not the horse was intoxicated as well.

While this particular story paints a comical picture, there is nothing at all funny about DUI. It is a stressful experience to go through, and if convicted, it could cost as much at $10,000 in fines, classes and increased insurance rates.

There are several defenses that a Southern California DUI attorney can raise to help get you the best possible result in your DUI case. While it is highly unlikely that they can prove you were driving a horse drawn carriage at the time of your arrest, being arrested for DUI is not a lost cause and is worth fighting, especially if you feel there were inconsistencies in the investigation that led to your arrest.

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