August 9, 2018 By Matthew Wallin

4 Steps to Getting a Restricted License After a DUI Conviction

Although driving is a privilege, it’s almost a necessity in southern California. Being stripped of your driving privileges could prevent you from being employed or attending school. That is why being convicted of DUI and having your license suspended as a result could be devastating.

However, you may be able to obtain a restricted license that allows you to drive to and from work, school and court-ordered DUI programs. In order to obtain a restricted license, you must take the following four steps:

  • Determine Your Eligibility for a Restricted License

Most people who are convicted of DUI are eligible for a restricted license, but there are some exceptions. You may not be eligible for a restricted license if:

  • You already had your license suspended or revoked when you were pulled over for DUI, or
  • You refused to take a blood or breath test when you were arrested for DUI and you did not request a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest

In addition, you must wait 30 days after being convicted of DUI to apply for a restricted license.

  • Enroll in Court-Ordered DUI Programs

In order to obtain a restricted license, you may be required to show the DMV a Proof of Enrollment Certificate. This document shows that you are enrolled in a court-ordered rehabilitation or treatment program. Be sure to ask for this certificate when enrolling in a DUI program.

  • Obtain an SR-22 from an Auto Insurance Company

You will have to show proof of valid auto insurance in order to obtain a restricted license. In order to do so, you will have to obtain an SR-22 form and show it to the DMV.

A DUI conviction is likely to increase your auto insurance premiums. You may have to work with a company like Breathe Easy Insurance in order to obtain an SR-22 after a DUI conviction.

  • Apply for a Restricted License at Your Local DMV

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can apply for a restricted license at your local DMV office. Bring your SR-22 insurance form, Proof of Enrollment Certificate and any court documents regarding your sentence with you to the DMV.

Also, be prepared to pay a fee of $100-125 in order to process your application for a restricted license.

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