3 Reasons The Prosecution Will Charge You With Felony DUI in Los Angeles
June 1, 2011

In California, a person can usually get up to three convictions for a Los Angeles DUI with out facing time in prison. However, here are a couple of ways that a person can be charged with a Felony DUI. It does not matter if you were only driving a few blocks or that your blood alcohol level was just above a .08%.

  1. If you have been convicted for a total of three or more prior DUI’s and/or convicted for what is known as a “wet reckless” violation with in a ten year period.
  2. Also, if the current DUI involved injury to another person resulting in great bodily injury or death, you can be charged and potentially convicted with a felony even if this was your first offense.
  3. Lastly, if you have previously been convicted on a felony and sometime later get into a vehicle and drove under the influence, you can be charged with another felony DUI, even if no injury occurred and you had not been convicted of anything in over ten years.

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